Saturday, February 9, 2013

Seek and Find Success in it's Simplest Form

Today is easy success day. Nothing new, or earth shattering. Just some easy instructions on achieving success. Here goes.

You can take everything you've been instructed to do, or found out through research about achieving success, and boil it down to one thing. That is, seek success, and find success, in it's simplest form.
Now for some of you, that will be a slap on the face – you believe that's an oversimplification. It's pop psychology. I beg to differ.

And that one simple thing I suggest you find, is what makes you happy. The quicker you get to that root core, that essence of success, the quicker it will become yours.

If you've made out the specific item lists, so detailed that it's pages upon pages of stuff, you're only frustrating yourself. You've been able to write down everything you've wanted, at a specific point in time. But tomorrow, or next week, try reciting what's on the list. Try the general stuff, forget about the specifics. Can't really do it, can you?

Now find the simplest form of all that – why did you write it all out? Because it would make you . . . (wait for it) . . . HAPPY! You could say, I want to be rich! What would it take for you to be 'rich'? There goes that pages long list again.

If you were rich (and healthy, and wise, and traveling or writing or flying or sailing . .), would you be happy? The simple answer is yes. So why not focus on that – just be happy.

Simple. Easy. And more importantly, attainable. Now one last thing – that huge list – if something came along even better, would you want it? Of course. So that would negate your list, wouldn't it?

I suggest that list, all those lists, are a statement of your tastes in life. What lifestyle you would rather have. The specific items are just window dressing. Find the lifestyle you want. Find that which makes you happy, emotionally happy.

And there, you will simply find, your success. Waiting patiently for you. And probably wondering where the heck you've been.