Monday, January 21, 2013

Cropping Your Image of Success

There a lesson to be learned about success, from seasoned photographers – crop, crop, and then crop some more. You see, they understand getting the best image possible. They understand that to have the strongest image possible, you must crop for tightness, then crop some more – to get to the core of the shot.

And then the best photographers, well, they crop even more. They don't allow anything outside of the most powerful image they are trying to convey to you, distract you from their work.

Their image in their head, is then crystal clear. Their photograph then, makes it crystal clear for you. The rest is, as they say, magic.

Are you that clear in your image of success? Do you know with pinpoint accuracy what you want, or something better yet? If you only have a blurry image of the goal line, how will you know when you reached it.

As your image of success expands, and you get to know your personal success stimuli even better, it's natural for your image of success to expand. This is where the crop, crop, and even more cropping of that image is so important.

As I wrote about in an earlier post – if your list, that current image of success not longer turns you on, crop it. Get down to the core image, the core desire you need to fulfill your every desire. And, your success.